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Translate your app easily.

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For Android™ and iOS™

Upload your strings.
Invite your own translators or use ours.
Download the translations back to your app.
Get to know when you need to update a translation.

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Translation management

Translate your app easily. Invite your own transators, or open up the project to the public. We make sure, that the exported strings are formatted accordingly, including the placeholders for numbers, or proper plural forms.

Editor plugins

Use our plugin for Xcode to automatically extract all the strings used by your app, and download any new translations from Lokaligo.
Android Studio — coming soon

Remote strings

Spotted a typo in production build? With Lokaligo, any change you make can be automatically visible to all the users of your app. Mobile SDK allows you to change the text remotely. There’s no need to bother the programmers or upload a new version of the app.


One great thing about our SDK, is that it can take screenshots of your app, so the translators of your app will be able to do a better job, as it will be easier for them to understand the context of the text they need to translate.

Use Lokaligo, because…

Quick and easy integration, using our editor plugins, which provide automatic import & export of your strings.
Automatic screenshots associated with translations, make it much easier to translate your app.
You’re able to remotely change any text you want, without the need to touch the code.
Don’t waste time merging the old and new translations, or trying to see which translations have changed.
Invite your own translators for collaborative localization.
Lokaligo is simply the best way to manage the localization of your app!